Welcome to Luna Wolf!  A former maker of cloth menstrual pads from 2008-2013, I am now offering my patterns and a detailed photographic tutorial so you can make your own.

The printable template set with in-depth tutorial will provide you with all the information you need to get started.  It is free to download and use, but you are of course welcome to make a small donation if you like my work.

(Here is the story behind my decision to make this previously paid-for tutorial free. In short, somebody started selling it fraudulently on Etsy as their own. Offering it for free prevents them from profiting further from my work.)

Patterns include:  pantiliner, 8.5 inch pad, 9 inch pad, 10.5 inch pad, and 11.75 inch pad.

The highly visual tutorial provides fabric suggestions, as well as an absorbency guide to help you determine how many layers of which fabric to put into your pad.  Clear photographs provide a visual guide for each step of the process.  With clear step-by-step instructions and no jargon, it is suitable for beginners and experienced crafters alike.  The tutorial accommodates both machine and hand sewing, and includes instructions on adding a concealed layer of PUL to your pad.

Patterns and tutorial are delivered as a downloadable PDF file (A4 or US letter size, your choice), which can be printed on any standard printer.

You are welcome to sell items made from these patterns, but you may not alter/distribute/sell the PDF file itself, or claim it as your own.

Enough talk – onto the patterns!

A4 version

US letter version

Wider versions of the pantiliner and 8.5 inch pad

Like the patterns?  Feel free to buy me a cup of tea to say thanks!

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