About Me

Hello – it’s lovely to meet you!  Take a seat and I’ll get the kettle on.

My name is Vicky.  I started Luna Wolf back in 2008 when I was at university.  I had always hated using disposable pads, but didn’t realise there was any alternative.  When I heard about cloth menstrual pads, my mind was blown!  I had to try some.  I bought two pads from a Wholefoods store on holiday in the States.  Of course I was hooked.  There weren’t many cloth pad sellers in the UK back then, so I decided to learn to make my own.  I had a few orders from friends and family, which inspired me to start my own online shop – and so Luna Wolf was born.

I had a wonderful few years making and selling cloth pads, and gradually added other items to my store including the pattern/tutorial set, menstrual cups, wet bags, fabric, etc.  I met some lovely people and learnt a lot about running a business.

In 2012/13 I stopped making cloth menstrual pads in order to pursue a career as a medical secretary, and I am now proud to work for the NHS.  I live in Shropshire with my partner, our rescued lurcher, and our recendly adopted cat.  When I’m not at work I usually have knitting needles in my hands and a cup of tea on the go.  I also love to play the piano. I’m still a dedicated cloth pad user, and am very happy to see reusable menstrual products becoming more and more accepted.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy the patterns.